Sunday, May 04, 2008

1st video blog?

Warning. Don't watch this if religion is a sensitive issue to you.


Dr. Tan said...

Dude, the fact is that... you shouldn't fucking talk religion with C....ians.

It doesn't matter if they're family, friends of a girlfriend, they'll always believe that your God or religion is inferior to theirs.

And all 'intelligent' conversations turn out not very nice. Nearly had one with one of the candidates of the elections last year.

At first, they'll agree that moderation is key; and later they'll say that you're insensitive.

Sad lah that they're like this.

Challenge somemore. Is your uncle trying, in a way to say that we're inferior?

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

dr. tan,

hehe you getting abit fueled up? lol...

yes well when I start to share something about Buddhism and about the concept of rebirth and the six realsm, he immediately said there's only ONE god, your's is wrong, and that rebirth is only an idea (implying that it is not true)

of course I accept it and our beliefs are different...

I want to say one thing is that THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG, to Christians our beliefs may be utter nonsense, to Buddhists the belief of a creator-god may be nonsense as well.
Each to their own and if that is something that you believe in , then fine.

The point is, whatever your religion/teaching/faith/relationship is, it will make you a better person by following it. And I think that is the whole purpose of a religion/teaching/faith/relationship, so we can live harmoniously together. Not fighting about what happens to us when we die, and what religion is the true religion.

"Dude, the fact is that... you shouldn't fucking talk religion with C....ians."

Yes I've learned the lesson and I shouldn't and wouldn't do it anymore.

"Challenge somemore. Is your uncle trying, in a way to say that we're inferior?"

Implicitly, maybe.

He did ask me how did the Buddha know about rebirth and his teachings this and that. I said through meditation, he was enlightened. and he said, oh so you go and believe a manifestation of another person's mind? how you know his words weren't hallucination.

I was going to say something but think there's no point to go on when I feel he isn't very open minded about it.

All I know is the four noble truths, the noble eightfold path, rebirth gives me a sense of peace and that's all I'm looking for.

Dr. Tan said...

Ya dude, and the thing is that we're usually alot more open, and they're the ones who have to go bash us up.

Well, in your situation, things are alot more difficult as he's your uncle; and you won't want to piss him off.

The thing about Christians is that, they say people are intolerant of their religion; they haven't looked at themselves in the mirror.

I confess that I used to hate Christianity; now it has mellowed down to a great dislike for the Fundamentalists.

izso said...


I can't see the vid in my office (blocked) and it's too slow to load on my home PC, but I already know what you were talking about.

I agree, christians are hyppocrites!

yapster said...

Hey kenneth,
Ah..yapster comments..typical eh? lol..anyway, just because you came across a few "rotten apples" doesn't mean the whole basket is full of rotten ones...i dont know, you're uncle prolly has alot of pride, or maybe the way you talked to him made him act like that towards you? either way, something went wrong there..if you drove a BMW car, and you crashed it because you were unable to drive it, do you blame the car or do u blame yourself?just like christianity, if you met a few lousy christians do you say that christianity is full of hypocrites? yes, there are, i'm sure there are in every religion, but that doesn't mean the whole religion has gone bad. i admire the effort of u making the video but in all honesty,the way you prayed just now doesn't seem earnest. i don't know if He would answer you prayer, it's not for me to say. chances are, He wont. Prayer is about attitude, not action. I'm not offended, i don't blame u for being mad at christians...some of them are just "hard selling" christians..on their behalf i apologize. but if you're really serious about this, i suggest u pray again sincerely and see what happens. i know you doubt it, and it's not going to be easy to "pray to an unknown God" but if u really do mean it, i believe He will answer your prayer. (but if you were earnest then i'm wrong. only u know the answer)

Being a christian doesn't mean we are superior over you. In fact being a christian is about being humble. We are christians because we realize we are full of sins, and we need God to forgive us.

im not trying to start an argument here cuz there's no point in arguing like you all said. but being a christian, it's my responsibility to be a good witness. ( i try when i can) nevertheless the decision is still up to u guys. i wish u all the best.

izso said...

Yapster - my apologies to you. You're one of the rare exceptions I've yet to come across in person. The reason why I say what I say about Christians is because of the overall way they handle themselves, not just thier pious attitudes and greater-than-thou attitude. According to some, if you're not a Christian, you'll burn in hell. If you have an idol at home and worship it, then you're worshipping the devil (I have multiple friends who refuse to step into my house because I have an altar), if you're not Christian, then you can't marry one, etc etc.

This isn't so much about attitude already, it's about the practise. Christianity is the same throughout the world. In Singapore a muslim can marry a non-muslim without that non-muslim converting. Apparently it's not in the Quran that the other party must conform, it's only a recommendation, albeit it being a strong recommendation, but it's not compulsary. Only in Malaysia. That doesn't apply to Christians though, although I have seen non-converts get married to Christians, its usually because they aren't really hardcore Christians in the first place or they believe what they believe but don't insist on others conforming because of that belief (which is a good thing in a way).

So I'm not saying Christians are bad people, I just dislike the whole concept of it. Unless there are that many sects out there that have their own versions of the religion that has twisted beliefs about Christianity, that I wouldn't know.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

I was going to post a comment after izso's first post but had a problem with connection.
what I wanted to say was that we can't generalize all Christians, as well as Buddhists and Muslims, as Yap said.

There are many Christians that I like and look up to and some I don't really like. (Well I'm being a bad Buddhist now for treating some with indifference and not practicing equanimity)

you are spot on about me not praying sincerely because my mind at that very moment was thinking how do I pray to someone/something that I believe is not there. How do I ask something from a non-existent( to me ) entity. I admit it's quite fake also... and if God really is there, like you said, he wouldn't answer me because I am seen ridiculing him.
Anyway I appreciate your reply, sorry if the video or this post offended you and your relationship with God.

Dr. Tan said...

Kenneth - I think in this case you do not have to apologise to Yapster. He has admitted that there are some bad apples around. Your post was directed at bad apples; not him.

And about asking God to give a sign, that is a typical cliche of 'God [if condition="A"; then response="X"]' kind of thing. These things don't generally happen.

In short, your uncle was being presumptious about the relative positions of our religions; which IMHO is equal.

Yapster - You're the type that I make friends with. There were a few that tried converting me, so much so that it got irritating to the point that I didn't want to make friends with them anymore.

While maintaining an open mindset about religions, I'm vague on what The Bible says about evangelising (getting frags, as I crudely put it). Either way, telling us that we will die if we do not embrace God's Grace is as good as telling non-Muslims they'll be charged for Khalwat.

Essentially you're putting your nose up where no one has been before.

This might probably portray myself as bitter, yes I am. My ex left me for religious reasons, which struck me pretty badly. However, my aims now are not to go mess with the minds of people; rather it is just to let people know that being so terroristic about their religions would achieve no yields.


footiam said...

You really amaze me, Kenneth! whatever you do, don't do it to spite. In a situation like this too, I hope you keep your cool. Who cares who is right but if you are going to be consumed by the fire of the desire to be right, then you could most probably be on the wrong track. I am really, really amazed!

Anonymous said...

OOOO religion, what a touchy issue.
Well yeah, being a non-christian who chose to become one, i feel that sometimes, christians are blinded and are not grounded to reality. Its sad when i see other christians telling people about how if you dont believe in this religion you would go to hell. In my honest and humble opinion, the bible doesnt say that. Then again, the bible is up to interpertation so i guess some sectors view it that way. There are many branches in christianity and so one branch does not speak for the whole of christianity eg, masturbation in some branches like are allowed where as in some it is frown upon, just an example.. I do think your uncle was being arrogant, and i feel that if he thinks that being the way he is makes God proud, he really needs to do some self reflection. Well said Daniel, and ken, dont let one person distort your whole view about christians (:


izso said...

Dr. Tan : sounds pretty bitter man that ex relationship of yours. Well either way its something in the past and shouldn't be brooded over eh?

Anyway, bottomline is bad Christians have screwed myself and Dr. Tan up one too many times and have given us the perception that Christianity is a dictatorship. Thank god for the rebel faction that are the most normal like in the case of Yapster and Jian.

I just thought of something funny : I read somewhere in the Star newspaper some months back that a Church was going to start introducing sex talks. Why? Because apparently they were having couples that were relying on God to give them a child... without trying to procreate because they didn't know how.

This world amazes me sometimes.

emily said...

yes wtf one more person tells me i'm going to hell because i don't give in to god i'm gonna smack them senseless!

give it serious thought a killer really gonna go to heaven and a buddhist monk to hell...because one believes in god and the other doesn't?


that said, there are non-fanatical ones out there i do agree

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

dr. tan,
I didn't know you broke up over a religious issue, sorry to hear about it. Sigh, to part away from someone you love JUST because of religion...


to quote you,
"Who cares who is right but if you are going to be consumed by the fire of the desire to be right, then you could most probably be on the wrong track."

very wise words sir. Thank you.

anonymous (Jian),

Thanks for your input Jian. It's very much appreciated!
Well here's a short story that my uncle told me that night. He, as the rest of our family, are 'buddhists'(inverted comas because we just follow tradition about praying ancestors, etc. not really about Buddha's teaching)

So my uncle was driving his car, and then met an accident which caused his car to roll over, that time, he was praying "Guan Yin (Kun Yam / Goddess of Mercy), please save me..." Then true enough, his life was spared and he is able to live till this day.

Then he tells me, don't know how long after that accident, he read the bible and realised that it wasn't 'Kun Yam' who saved me, it was God.

That time I was going to point out that praying to an external entity did not save your life! Neither Kun Yam nor God saved you( apologies to Christians, this is just my belief, feel free to reject it). Besides, Buddha didn't teach us to worship him or any gods while in fear, he taught us to always maintain a calm and focused mind (correct me if I'm wrong, just speaking out of my limited knowledge in Buddhism)

My family I would say hasn't been taught about Buddha's teachings, all these while I taught Buddhism were about praying to small statues on our altars with joss sticks and boards written with our ancestors' names.

Anyway I wouldn't blame my uncle because I think his perception on Buddhism was wrong in the first place. It's not just about praying with joss sticks and burning fake money.


haha! that was quite straightforward... and I have to agree. to further illustrate...

A killer has murdered for the whole of his life, but when he is about to die, he truly repent from his sins and sincerely asks for forgiveness from god, which earned him a passport to go to Heaven ETERNALLY.

A Buddhist monk who follows all of Buddha's teachings goes to hell ETERNALLY because he doesn't believe in a creator-god.

I don't think that is right...

*starting to have emotions clouding my judgment, not going to type any further*

I apologize again to any who got offended by the video or the comments posted here.

DonovanChanJianWen said...

No worries Ken, and yes you're right, Buddha never said he was a God. People just looked up to him. I do admire the Buddhist religion which teach one to be whole within oneself. Hehehe my dad is a Buddhist. And honestly, where do non-Christian go when they die, i don't think is for us, Christians to decided. I don't like it when people go around saying other non-believers would go to hell. I mean, who are us to judge, only God can judge. What this world needs is less extremenism and more understanding.

izso said...

FishbK : incidentally, joss sticks and fake money isn't part of buddhism. It's Taoism and that's something of a deviation from Buddhism. Buddhism is a way of life and how you live it according to its precepts. Taoism just furthers on that with worshipping idols, joss sticks and all that. A majority of so-called buddhists in Malaysia are actually Taoists.

Anyway, I believe in the more scientific way of viewing death. Ascension. :) From our flesh and bones to evolve into pure energy. It's easier to believe than a hell or a heaven.

I have a story about my own near death experience and also spine chilling unexplained phenomena but I'll wait for you to post something regarding it before I talk about it. Hehe