Saturday, May 24, 2008

Infatuation vs love.

I've been reading most of the articles on the first page after a Google search; infatuation vs love.

I realize that I think of all the people I thought I liked, are mere infatuations.
Here's a short table summarizing the facts.


So yeah, guess I'm still waiting... for that someone, for me to love.

btw Arhat month, is tough. I've given in yesterday, I was so frustrated because I didn't have time to study the whole day with my mum, dad, grandmother calling me and my brother and sister calling me to fetch them around...being the eldest brother is not a responsibility. It's an effing full time job.
I got so frustrated that I didn't even bother meditating and gave in to my sensual desires, and watched 2.5 hours of American Idol, the finale and the results show.
Back to meditating by tonight hopefully.

" A Buddha does not pay attention to the beauty of his clothes, the comfort of His bed, or the taste of his food. He does not pay heed to sense pleasures."


footiam said...

Hei, Kenneth. Don't be frustrated if Arhat week is out. I am tempted to write a long comment as usual but then, I am out of town, in Penang now and will be off to Miri tomorrow. Will come back after ten days time! Just study hard, won't you?

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

hi footiam, sorry forgot to reply to this comment as well.

enjoy your trip in Miri!!

and thanks :)

footiam said...

Hello, Kenneth. I think so too we are infatuated to many people all the time and that infatuation dies off when we get to know someone well enough. I suppose your someone to love will come in time. Meanwhile, love yourself! Otherwise, it could be a long, arduous wait. I suppose it is not easy to run around for your parents, grandmothers and siblings but then, what to do? If you think you are the privilege one to do all this, maybe, it won't feel so bad and torturing. If you think you are performing dana, maybe, you'd want to do it more. I always think it is easier to perform dana for a monk because you don't do it day in and day out and you don't know the monk well enough to have prejudice and bad feelings. In the case of family members and other people as close as them, sometimes, I would start to wonder why me? Why not other people run around for me? Perhaps, it would just be great if everyone runs about for one another, a sort of give and take situation.Otherwise, I would rather be the one running and giving; it shows that you are the capable one, the big, woody tree; not the creepers or parasites which cling on you. Sometimes, I see a young man walking his dog in my neighborhood and I wonder why a person doesn't find that a chore. It would be nice to see the young man walking his old granny or grandfather. Maybe when you get frustrated, you could imagine you are performing dana for someone! Maybe, it works better if do not pay attention to the people or to your feelings; pay attention to the attention - it's good action and it's an opportunity to perform dana. Perhaps, that beats sitting down meditating especially if it brings joys not just to you but to other people. If that can't work, well, you can't tell your family off. They are your family, not just any other scumbags that you met through the net or in campus!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

thanks for you blog! I recently was nurturing an infatuation until I discovered the person was married and olderrrr ( I like older men sometimes though)! maybe deep down I knew he was both but my stupid girl-brain wanted to have their idle fantasies. but I would much rather face reality than live in neverland, you know? I am now hoping to find someone who gives me the heart thumpies AND can be a person to be with long run. thanks again, bloggers