Sunday, May 25, 2008

stopping arhat month

yeah so now you can think I'm scum because I've given up. hahaha

I've been doing it wrong because I forgot about the four stages of enlightenment.

words in italic are not my own words.

The first stage is to be a Stream-Winner, where at this stage, his insight is powerful enough to remove the first three fetters, namely:
(1) The belief in the existence of a permanent self;
(2) doubt in the ability of the Triple Gem (the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha); and
(3) The mistaken belief that moral rules and ascetic rites alone are sufficient to lead a person to Enlightenment.

from wikipedia;
Asceticism (Greek: ask─ôsis) describes a life-style characterized by abstinence from various sorts of worldly pleasures such as maintaining power (especially sexual activity and consumption of alcohol) often with the aim of pursuing religious and spiritual goals.

A stream-winner, who is at the first stage of the noble path, is not yet free from craving1, ill-will, hatred, ignorance and conceit. However, unwholesome inclinations are not strong enough to lead him or her to kill, steal, or do other immoral deeds. A stream winner is mindful, and mindfulness keeps him or her on guard. The Buddha says, "A stream-winner avoids doing misdeeds that lead him to the lower worlds. Therefore he or she no longer takes life." So you should have confidence in the Buddha and meditate seriously.
When you have made some progress in meditation, you discover what mindfulness means. At the sight of a desirable object, you crave for it, and in the face of something offensive you become averse to it. You are not yet free from these unwholesome emotions, but mindfulness stands you in good stead and helps to restrain them. They lose their power and wither away. They are not out of control, as is the case with most people. They are not strong enough to make a stream-winner do evil.

1 I can watch Grey's anatomy! haha

I still have the first fetter and have to gain more knowledge that. The second, obviously is removed. The third, slowly removing.

The second stage is the Once-Returner. One who reaches this stage has succeeded in weakening the fourth and fifth fetters. These are:

(4) attachment to sensual desire; and
(5) ill will

The third stage is the Non-Returner where he COMPLETELY removes the fourth and fifth fetters.

At the fourth stage, he makes the final advance towards becoming an Arhat (a Perfecte One) who attains Nirvana because he has broken all the ten fetters, the last five which are:

(6) desire for existence in the worlds of Form;
(7) desire for existence in the Formless words;
(8) conceit;
(9) restlessness: and
(10) ignorance.

Here's an interesting bit.

You may ask what kind of rebirth will take place for the stream winner, the Once-Returner, the Non-Returner and the Arhat?
When a Stream-Winner passed away, he will no longer be reborn in any of the lower realms of existence. He will be reborn in the human or heavenly realms only. It will take him no more than seven rebirths before he attains Nirvana.
When a Once-Returner passed away, he will be reborn only once more as a human being. In that rebirth he would attain Nirvana,
When a Non-Returner passed away, he will no longer be reborn in the human realm; he will be reborn in one of the Pure Abodes in heaven when he will attain Nirvana.
An arhat who has attained Nirvana will not be reborn.

In this life I'm quite sure I can be a Stream-Winner, but a Once-Returner, will probably take lots of meditation, to remove my horni-ness.

Another thing that constantly arises my mind are that when I hear someone is a Christian I look down on them. which is WRONG and should show them compassion like anyone else.


izso said...

If men were rid of their horniness, there would be a global population crisis.

Of course I could assist in that by having all the pretty women come to my house every weekend. I'd personally ensure the continuation of man kind! Hehe

(You know I'm joking right? :P)

I don't understand whats with your obsession to gain enlightenment. Let live and live life. Stop over analyzing things go about your thang as you deem fit, without causing harm of course.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear that especially from a someone who studies in a university. What an utter shame especially on your education and upbringing. Didn't your parents give you enough love? My gosh, you're a product of how money makes a kid crazy.

izso said...

Anonymous - why don't you jump back into the dingy little hole you came out from and lick your own balls? I don't know why you bother to read this blog if you're so against him in the first place.

Get a life you loser. At least Kenneth has one

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

izso, sorry forget to reply hear.
Not really obsessed about enlightenment...more like obsessed to free myself from mental suffering, which I have a lot of.

footiam said...

Kenneth, you are not alone! Everyone has some sort of mental suffering. Maybe, it's the way you tackle them or not tackle them. Some problems can't be solved and ought to let them be. For instance, some scumbags will be there to annoy and irritate and you can't do much about that sometimes. Then, let them be. But if the scumbags start to fill you with negative thoughts and pull you down, then you can do something about that. If you can't ignore the scumbags who start judging you unfairly and who would not even reveal their identities, then whack them. If you send them direct to hell, you are doing the world a lot of good. Just sin a little for the benefits of all; why not?
Being obsessed with anything at all is pulling the guitar string too tight. Maybe, a normal human should solve the problems at hand. Confucius, when asked about life in heaven and hell, had replied: Why do you want to think about heaven and hell when the problems in this world itself has not been solved. In your case, you can pay attention to your studies, your family and friends. Your mental suffering could possibly come from the fact that you do not have a career and is not capable on earning a living yet. You need the support of your family and most probably, you have just manage to get the material part. You miss the spiritual part; and that is more a need to be understood. In some family, you'd get all the material you want but you'd also be reminded about the things that you are getting to the extent that it hurts. There would be such a big string attached; it's not unconditional. Well, that string could be removed if you are not so attached to ideas. Many of our sufferings come from attachment; and often attachments are in our thoughts. If we change our way of thinking, look at it from another angle, sometimes, we'll find the mental suffering. And come to think about it, mental suffering; it's not physical! If we hurt our feet which is physical, we can remove it by medication, external means. Mental suffering should be removed by internal means, I suppose. It's just my thought, it does not have to be right. But if you sit down and meditate and hurt your feet and knee in the process and do not get to think right, then I suppose meditation is useless. I believe meditation is more to tame our monkey mind, to let us focus and once we have that, we could focus on the problems at hand. As long as we live, there will be problems and each problem needs a different solution and we need to focus on each and solve it accordingly. If for instance we can't solve a problem since it involves many others - then, we have to look for an alternative - live with it, run away with it, whatever but leave the mind in tact - pure, positive, kind ... to hell with the world and everyone if there is a need too; sometimes, a man has to be an island!

footiam said...

P.S. I rarely comment on others but I think your friend Izso is right. That nameless visitor should just go back to his or her little hole and lick his ball or her cunt. The world does not need that scumbag.