Thursday, June 05, 2008


dang it, I just typed a post about the recent price hike of petrol price but the browser hanged up and got deleted.

To summarise,

RM2.70 new price for RON97 fuel.

Fuel price gap between RON92 and RON97 increase from 4 cents/litre to 8 cents/litre

More incentive to use RON92

Found out my Saga 1.3 campro tuned for RON95 and above

Bang head

Mad at people who is blaming the government for increase price hike

They cannot do anything with crude oil prices hitting record high.

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Last two weeks read how high fuel price in U.S affecting people lives.

Car pooling with three colleagues.

Cycling, jogging to work.

Cutting road trip plans.

Although latest news is that crude oil price fall by 2.7% as oil prices reduces fuel demand. Other news predicts that the oil price bubble will burst. Let's hope for this.

Thinking of getting a motorbike but ditched the idea in the end.

Living in Malaysia is actually not cheap because our income:expense ratio is lower compared to other countries like U.K


MiaSuraya said...

switch to ngv ;) i wish i could ride a bike hah.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

hey mia,
what are you doing surfing around blogs, study for exam! haha
installing the ngv kit will cost quite an amount of money too.

izso said...

But the savings long run dude. And you'll hate the lack of power. And boot space. And extra weight.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

Nah a bit impractical for me...
Are you doing anything? changing choice of car perhaps?

Dr. Tan said...

Well dude, the cost per volume of different petrols would differ; but then this does not mean that it will give you different cost per distance on the same scale.

V-Power boosted my economy by 3 cents (not sure why; Octane is just knock resistance).

Try all that shit, air pressure +3psi cold; 7psi hot. Drive normally dude, drive normally.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

haha yeah. The thing that will most affect the mileage is driving habit. Today tried to stick under 2k rpm (what?!), and behind big lorries at 60 km/h. It's quite pleasurable but sucks when I'm the only slow one. Unsurprisingly there are many other slow ones too, at 60km/h or slower.

argh what am I doing here, got comm bank paper at 8.30 am later.

izso said...

Get back to your studying la.

And just for your info, cars that maintain speeds less than 60km/h tend to build up a lot of carbon deposits in the engine, in 6 months you probably will have enough to need a complete overhaul. So speed once in a while man. Burn off that carbon. :D