Monday, July 07, 2008


Everybody wants it. I’m young and still a virgin and want it more then anybody else.

Today I came across this thread in a forum I visit frequently.

Someone there is asking about a situation where his friend has been asked by an ex-gf (a hot one), to make love to her.

That guy already has a steady gf for 4 years. And the ex-gf that wants to have sex with him is pregnant!

So he made a poll on the forum and asked if his friend should do it, i.e. to have sex with his ex-gf.

Or not to do it.

I stated if the ex-gf is single then probably. But the ex-gf is pregnant!

7 people said yes go for it.

3 said no, I can’t betray my current gf.

Guess where am I in there.

I mean, if you were married, would you like someone to have sex with your wife?! Sorry things like this angers me. There’s even one guy there who stated…

”no bull, currently i hav 2 'wife' gf (both wit still living husbands) ...and many times hav sex (wit condom) liao..

no force, no pressure... just plain willing, love, xciting, orgasm & pleasure sex “

I have utter disrespect for him, although I don’t hate him for living his own life. This is why hatred, anger, rage and wars exist, when people cannot control their own desires, when they want to acquire something to please their pleasures (I’m not talking sexually only).

This is why sex sells, because everybody wants it. I’m not saying sex is bad, it’s good, quoting from the bible “Be fruitful and multiply”, but do it responsibly.

Whatever happened to righteousness??

There is a wrong way for doing something right

But there is no right way for doing something wrong.

And having sex with a married ex-girlfriend is DEFINITELY wrong! Sure she is hot, and the sex will probably be steamy and the best one to have or will have in your life. But if it results in cheating not only your own girlfriend, also the other man, even though you don’t know him, is utterly WRONG.

Okay at least this boosted my self-esteem and I know I’m wiser than some blokes over there who voted for “yes, go for it!”. Especially the guy who said he’s having sex with two married women. And he seems to be proud of it.

Also to the two married women cheating on their own husband. Yalah you can call me young and naïve, but this is not about being naïve or not, this is about doing what is RIGHT!

Lies and deceit. Where is the truth, honesty and loyalty nowadays. Corruption is high, crime rates are high all because people want to obtain something to please their sensual pleasures. Human is flawed in so many ways, which is why I’m still a non-believer. If God is our creator, his creations are certainly not perfect. Sorry if I offended any Christians, this is just my worthless opinion.

To the guy wonderfully having sex with two married women while I have to masturbate in my room watching porn, well done to you.


footiam said...

Take pride in not being what you do not believe in, Ken!

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

Yes sir!!

izso said...

Kenneth : Actually, I happen to know that person you're talking about and I can tell you this : Half the things of what he said can be believed, the other half just take it with a pinch of salt. If someone who is so "keng" as the fella can get two married women to make out with him, why is he still single at this age and not changing girlfriends every other week? It's hardly believable. Like I said, a pinch of salt.

And as the story of what you read, what's more interesting is that the story comes from a specific ethnic group which I shall not divulge. Apparently it happens a lot in that ethnic group. A LOT.

And kudos to you dude.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...


I'm a gullible person hehe, so I tend to believe what others tell me... maybe he don't have a gf coz....okay nvm, shall not talk bad about others!

erm I don't understand 'specific ethnic group'? care to elaborate?

izso said...

Er.. No. But I'll elaborate a tiny bit more : Ethnic-group as in race. Skin colour.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

ahhhh okay okay, we shall not go further then

khi said...

how is college/university life in malaysia kenneth? over here fornication is really normal. people talk about it shamelessly.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

erm I don't know much about other people in uni here to be honest (introvert >.<) haven't heard much about people getting laid here and there, well from my group anyways.

sounds exciting to be there! haha