Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In times of competition and rivalry

quoting from a little book of "Heart of a Buddha"

Cultivate peace first

in the garden of your heart

removing weeds of selfishness and jealousy,

greed and anger,

pride and ego.

Then all will benefit from your

peace and harmony.

What does one have to do to maintain unselfishness and not being jealous in times of competition and rivalry?

What if in your workplace, someone is selfish and doesn't share information with you when you ask it from them.

And they do not silently hint this to you but openly say, "I don't want to give you".

Do you do unto them like what they did to you, do you remain selfish to them EXCLUSIVELY.

If you don't and you stay on your path and maintain your unselfishness, are you being taken advantage of?
Will people think you're a fool for sharing information and giving help to the other party when that party does not do the same to you?

I remember reading a small section of a book online, Hakagure: Way of the Samurai, it states that if one is always focused on righteousness, one will bring about many mistakes.


Righteousness will always prevail, in under any circumstances, just like honesty.


footiam said...

Kenneth, maybe one should just concentrate on a few or even one good reliable friend.To hell with the rest. This world is too big and the time is too short to worry over other's shortcoming. People may treat you well; you are not oblige to treat them well; but you don't have to treat them badly either. they may ask you for information. There is nothing wrong if you don't give them but it won't be right if you lie. I think one can be inpartial. And then there is this term called equananimity or something like that you would like to ponder over. In any case, if you want to be nice to terribly selfish people, that's great but if you expecting nice in return, be prepared for dissapointment. It;s not easy to give unconditionally. People normally say that's what mothers or parents do to their children; give unconditionally; which is not really true in some cases. Some parents give you this and that and expect something in return; like having you listen to them, following their instructions and most probably,taking care of them when they are old and so on; and I am not saying that it is wrong to expect. Only that, when it is furfilled, it hurts.

izso said...

Yeah. Agree with Footiam. You can't be 100% goody-2-shoes 100% of the time. Sometimes a little selfishness will do your own self some good.

In the real world there are two paths :

1. The path to succeed, where you do whatever it takes to get to your goal, to hell with the consequences.

2. The path to happiness, where you just live each day as it is and focus on living each day to its extreme best.

Some say one path will lead to another and I agree. But there's no real clear cut line between #1 and #2. Sometimes you have to use a little of #2 to achieve #1 and vice versa.

Don't try to justify everything and just be all you can be. To hell with the consequences.

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

I really appreciate your comments izso and footiam, even though I haven't updated my blog in a while. So thank you VERY VERY much for commenting, advice is taken seriously.

footiam said...

Just take care of yourself!