Sunday, October 12, 2008

My mistake

You know what, I've just realized something that you(footiam and izso) has been trying to tell me, I've been pre-occupied by thinking about the true religion, what really comes after death, the truth to everything, that I've been swayed away from what is TRULY IMPORTANT.

Here I am quoting from a book by Franz Metcalf,

What would Buddha do to learnt he secrets of the universe?

Many statements I have left unsaid. Why have I left them unsaid? Because they are not helpful. They are not fundamental o the holy life. They do not lead to peace, knowledge, awakening, nirvana (Majjhima Nikaya 63).

Franz Metcalf(2002) commented, The simple answer to this question is that Buddha would not try to learn the secrets of the universe. He didn't teach them, either. In fact, when Buddha was teaching, several students implored him to reveal those secrets and he never did. They asked if the universe is eternal, if the soul and body are the same, if the Buddha continues to exist after death, etc. He never even said whether he knew the answers. Why didn't he speak? Because they just don't matter on the path of awakening. Buddha taught the path to peace, the path he calls the holy life in the passage above. This path makes us happy, loving and wise. That was what he cared about, and that is what Buddha tells us we should care about. When we get all hot and bothered about questions we can never answer, it is good to remember Buddha's example: he didn't bother himself about such things and he turned out okay.

That was my mistake, I've been angry and not very mindful of the things I do and say... and keep asking questions that I can never answer now, how stupid of me not to realize it sooner.

And the answer to my old post, and has also been mentioned by footiam before when he said "What's wrong with making money?", I didn't fully agree with that question but I do now after reading 'Profit is fine, making it our goal is harmful. Profit is good, greed is not'

With a mind of trust and harmony he conducted all kinds of business, yet he did not find his pleasure in the profit it made him (Vimalakitri Sutra 2).

Another stupid mistake I've been doing is finding the faults of different religions, what I should have done was to concentrate on the good, the fruits and use what I can and discard what I cannot. I used to condemn Christians in my mind(SORRY), now I don't anymore, hope my Christian friends out there can forgive me.


izso said...

See? The world is a lot less complicated when you don't think so much and just do it based on your own beliefs and concepts. No need to find out why, just as long as you feel it's right, then it is.

Come let's go yum char sometime. It's been a while since I last met up with you. Go peksan a bit also good. Kakaka

footiam said...

There is this Einstein's theory of relativity that I really don't understand but quote from time to time to be 'in'. As a result of this theory, it has been said that time goes more slowly under special condition and light which traditional Science says, travel in a straight line, bends. I suppose everything then is relative or subjective. While you do not agree with me in such case as, "what's wrong with making money?", well, it's wrong if you make it in a dishonest way, when you spend too much time making it, forgetting to take care of yourself and your loved ones, in which case you are pulling the guitar strings too taut. If you are making money, so that you can live and to enable your loved ones to live comfortably, that probably isn't wrong unless you make everyone around you miserable,reminding them constantly of the sacrifice you make, etc. etc. irritating them to the bones. You were not wrong when you disagree, Kenneth! You probably are wrong now that you have agreed!

Kenneth Tang a.k.a Fishbonezken said...

yes, I agree I am over thinking, UNNECESSARILY. Yar, been finding a good time for WAC TTs, but most of the time not in PJ so... lazy haha...

peksan also good, I knowlah you got AXT brakes and all that already :P

haha, I don't really understand now..."You were not wrong when you disagree, Kenneth! You probably are wrong now that you have agreed!"

But I do agree now that making money is not wrong, just not in an ill-mannered way. so I am wrong now? *confused* LoL

izso said...

Er.. how'd you know about the AXTs?

footiam said...

Just pulling your legs, Kenneth! You can be wrong or right; you decide!

footiam said...

Tagging you for a meme I had at It's just a game where you have to write 7 things about yourself and if possible, get 7 other people to write about themselves.