Friday, June 19, 2009

I suddenly had a vision

I just imagined myself in a situation where I was driving really fast and caused an accident with an mpv carrying grandparents, a husband and a pregnant woman. I come out of the car dazed and slightly injured while all of them were dead from the crash.

I then took a piece of broken glass and slit my throat.

The next day, newspapers will be headlining,

"Boy suicides after causing the death of five"

Then the article will mention psychologists that study his background and blog stating that he has a very low self-esteem and very critical towards himself, this has caused him to suicide as he felt that he will not, under any circumstances be accepted by society after the accident.


footiam said...

I am very sure you will be accepted as you are. First, you must accept yourself.

izso said...

that's pretty morbid man.

this could be more of a warning rather than vision. So drive slower.

eh when you coming out for a TT la. jom